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Unhealthy Foods create Unhealthy Digestive Systems

Unhealthy foods come in several forms but the biggest influence in weight gain and maintaining too much belly fat is sugar and sugar related products. Do you know that a single teaspoon of sugar is about the most our digestive systems can handle at one time? If our daily intake is more than that, our bodies generally turn sugar into insulin and store it as body fat (eventually causing diabetes). Artificial sugar is even worse than regular sugar to our digestive system and causes chemical reactions in our digestive system that also turns it into insulin and stores it in fat cells. Sugars and sugar derivatives are found in everything and especially processed foods in the form of fructose and corn syrup. The sweetness of diet sodas is mainly from artificial sugars and its main chemical comes from different forms of aspartame. They all have aspartame as an ingredient and are all bad (Sweet-N-Low, and all the rest you find on your table at any restaurant). It was invented as a low calorie sweetener to replace sugar and is found in all the popular sweeteners. It is also used in processed foods to make them sweeter or make them taste better. Mostly aspartame is poison to your digestive system and I urge you to look them up on WEB-MD or Mayo to see what they think of artificial sweeteners. The idea that a zero calorie drink can be good for you is just a lie.

What are the bad foods?

Processed foods are generally very destructive to healthy digestion as they contain digestive poisons that are equally bad for your digestive system. Your digestive system is made up of digestive micro-organisms (good and bad bugs) that control how your food is digested. Ingredients like fructose, corn syrup, chemicals, food-coloring and food fillers to either aid in taste or improve product life kill off your digestive system's good bugs and helps grow bad bugs.

In addition to eliminating all processed foods from my diet I also eliminated complex carbohydrates, bad dairy products (like 2% milk), and all of the bad bread products. Most bread products are “chemically enriched” to improve shelf life and taste. They actually add some kind of sugar as well to help feed our addiction to sugar.

When you read all this you might be thinking “what do I eat” and what can I afford to eat if I can’t eat those foods? Well here’s the good news, there are many good foods to eat and I can assure it’s not just lettuce (you don’t have to turn yourself into a “grazer”. I ask you to take margarine (use unsalted whole butter) and dairy that is not whole (use whole milk and half-and-half) out of your diet. Take a look at the all the things you can eat and I’ll be telling you how to create meals that are tasty, good for your digestive system, and are probably less expensive than what you are eating today.

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