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Update and special menu item

Well the holidays are over and I'm pleased to announce that I've actually lost a couple of pounds despite a bit of cheating on the diet. During the holidays, we traveled to Georgia to share Christmas with my daughter and grandchildren plus I'm proud to announce my granddaughter was married on December 30th (and I walked her down the isle). During this time we enjoyed some of the special foods of the holidays (in moderation) and several dinners associated to the wedding. We ate what we wanted (wisely) and enjoyed some things that are not really on the diet. It's ok to do this once in a while and in fact we "cheat" a couple of times a week on things like special deserts or other goodies (but never sugar water drinks).

I'm posting a picture of a menu item we recently enjoyed that can be enjoyed without breaking the life-plan. The menu item is cobia (fish), saffron rice (made from scratch), fresh asparagus, sliced tomatoes, and lemon wedges to add more flavor to the fish. The dish can be made using any fish or any other meat but we especially like cobia and can get it fresh from our fish market.

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